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A Discord bot with Overwatch stats, Urban dictionary, Runescape prices, Hangman and Music from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and Twitch - with  support for playlists!


Play Hangman with people in your discord server! Win points and view the leaderboards. Who will be on top?


Block or unblock commands for users, change defaults. Wipe permissions clean with a single command.

Internal playlists

Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Twitch audio with support for playlists, albums and sets! Shuffle the queue to keep things fresh. Share your playlists to others using TomBot with playlist import and export commands!


Default command prefix is "@TomBot" or ">"
With default permissions, some commands are for guild owner only.
They can adjust this with the perms command documented below.

help[command]get general help info, or specific command help>help
>help hangman
profileshow your profile>profile
top[page]show points scoreboard>top
>top 3
send<@mention> <number>send points to somebody>send @somebody 50
set<@mention> <number>set a users points>set @somebody 1000
config-prefix[new prefix]see or change bot prefix@TomBot config-prefix
@TomBot config-prefix !
play<URL or search terms>play music from a link or search terms>play darude sandstorm
>play spotify:user:spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DXcBWIGoYBM5M
pick<number>pick the search result from the play command>pick 2
pausepause song>pause
resumeunpause song>resume
queue[number]see music queue>queue
>queue 5
queue-remove<number> [number]remove items from music queue. either a single item, or an inclusive range>queue-remove 5
>queue-remove 3 5
skipskip current song>skip
summonsummon the bot to another channel>summon
npsee what is currently playing>np
stopstop music and clear the queue>stop
looptoggle queue looping>loop
shuffleshuffle the queue>shuffle
playlist-listlist playlists saved by the bot>playlist-list
playlist-show<playlist name> [page]show the contents of a saved playlist>playlist-show popmusic
>playlist-show popmusic 3
playlist-save<playlist name>save a new playlist>playlist-save popmusic
playlist-load<playlist name>load an existing playlist>playlist-load popmusic
playlist-export<playlist name>get the share code for a playlist. import it again on any server with TomBot!>playlist-export popmusic
playlist-import<share code>import a playlist from a share code>playlist-import 735dfab1524655f95684dab8f6838cf2
config-nptoggle 'now playing' messages to the current channel>config-np
config-channelchange the channel of 'now playing' messages>config-channel
config-voteskiptoggle vote skipping>config-voteskip
config-queue<number>change queue size>config-queue 50
config-picktoggle song picking. when disabled, play command always picks first search result if you are searching for youtube videos>config-pick
hangmanstart hangman game>hangman
word<word>guess a word>word potato
>word discord
letter<letter>guess a letter>letter a
>letter k
guessesshow all guesses>guesses
hangman-stopend hangman game>hangman-stop
config-hangman<number>change hangman points value. winning a game
grants (config-hangman * length of word) points
>config-hangman 10
get overwatch stats. battletags are case sensitive.
can either pick a battletag and mode for a quick overview, or add a hero and category for in-depth stats.
>ow xQc#11273 competitive
>ow xQc#11273 quickplay
>ow xQc#11273 competitive winston combat
>ow xQc#11273 competitive overall game
runescape<item name>get oldschool runescape grand exchange information for an item>runescape armadyl godsword
>runescape nature rune
urban<search term>get urban dictionary definition>urban potato
>urban discord
minecraftsee minecraft server status>minecraft
emoji<text>convert text to emojis. english letters, numbers, ! and ? supported. Max 80 characters.>emoji hello world!
vaporwave<text>convert text to vaporwave. Max 80 characters.>vaporwave hello world!
change permissions for a user to a command>perms @somebody stop true
>perms @somebody hangman false
make a user admin. anyone with perms command permissions can use this.>perms @somebody admin
see all permissions of a user>perms @somebody show
change default permissions for a command>perms play default false
>perms stop default true
perms[@mention | command]
wipe permissions for a user, command or everything>perms @somebody wipe
>perms stop wipe
>perms wipe
perms<command>view current command permissions!perms list
!perms stop
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